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MochaDocs Self-Implementation

Implement Contract Management with your own Team!



Implementing MochaDocs is a simple task, but it could also be time-consuming. This guide gives a clear picture of what is required with implementing Contract Management. Here are the Seven Steps:

  • Build A Team
  • Take Inventory of Contracts (and Addenda)
  • Scan Contracts
  • Discover MochaDocs: Contract Review and Audit
  • Research Contract Key Elements: Train the Team on Data Entry
  • Contract Key Element Data Entry 
  • Assign Contract Process Owners

In estimating process time for a measure of 2 and 5 contracts. It was calculated that it takes about 12 to 20 minutes per contract to enter key element data. This depends on the contract type, the template contract type set-up and the steps that have already been taken. The research alone could already take a significant amount of time.

In addition to the (useful) time investment, self-implementation does have pros and cons. in addition to some major drawbacks have a number of important advantages. Benefits that you do not get if the MochaDocs Virtual Team handles the implementation. You also do not have those advantages when only starting to manage all future contracts.  

MochaDocs - Self Implementation

Step by Step

Seven Steps for Implementing all Contracts


Step 1

Build a Team


Step 3

MochaDocs Implementation - Scan contracts

Scan Contracts


Step 4

MochaDocs Implementation - Discover MochaDocs

Discover MochaDocs




MochaDocs Do-It-Yourself



Huib van der Struik

Team Leader 
Virtual Implementation



"Managing a team that implements contracts requires a clear view on the ultimate goal: What should be managed by what type of contract, which would force the user to be proactive."

With additional feedback, we support the steps in self-implementing contract management successfully. We gathered our experiences in partnering with Rabo Real Estate, TKF, OSG Erasmus and other clients

Valuable Benefits of Do-It-Yourself MochaDocs Implementation

Two Valuable Benefits

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself implementation:
  • By reviewing all contract data, the contents are completely analyzed by the Team.
  • Implementation could be commenced immediately when sufficient resources are available.

The MochaView eBook

How was is the experience of the Company Internal Team like during the implementation process?

Not all organizations have sufficient time available for MochaDocs self-implementation. If desired, The Virtual Implementation Team can assist as it is extremely seasoned in implementation projects. We have an example of The Communication Infrastructure Fund from Rabobank Vastgoed subsidiary Bouwfonds Investment Management.





Joey Jreij
Contract Management Implementation Specialist



Source: MochaView

Rosemary sits diagonally opposite from Joey. She is working on her first project and the lengthy contracts with complex English terms impress her. "And this is a potential pitfall," according to Joey. "Sometimes dozens of pages are reviewed, while only the start date, end date, notice period and extension period are needed contract key data elements."

The team developed a system where experienced members can partner with the junior team members. "Their contracts are lined up," Joey Jreij explains, with 19 years as a Contract Management veteran. "We focus on details. Was the correct template used? Was the relevant addendum added? "After a few days of coaching, most members will be able to independently enter the contracts in MochaDocs.