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Simple and complete

Managing the end date
Software - Illustration - Manage - Enddate@3x

The right person receives the right notification of the right contract at the right time so that contracts are not stopped or extended unseen.

Managing content
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The facilities manager would like to receive a notification about delivery terms, while someone in the finance department would like a notification about a payment obligation.

Centralising files
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Centralise the storage of all your contracts and attachments. And that starts with being able to find all your contracts easily.

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A central place for everything from your contracts.

Contract management is more than just storing the signed contract. It includes attachments, tasks, dates and stakeholders that play a role in the execution of the contract.   

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Assessable deadlines

With the help of dashboards and notifications, you know exactly when to take what action.
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Timely Notifications

Receiving the right information at the right time.
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Automatic Reports

Receive every conceivable summary from your contracts, by email.
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Quickly search everything

Search through your contracts, tasks and on the content of your documents.

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You can easily predefine contract templates with workflows, among other things. This ensures you do not forget important notifications.

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Access Security

Two factor authentication (2FA) is a proven method but Mochadocs also supports Single Sign On (SSO).

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100+ Features

Mochadocs counts 100+ more features like an API that lets you conveniently integrate with other systems.


There are some hard requirements to consider for Contract Management Software. We have put together a practical eBook that talks about the most important requirements.
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