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Mochadocs wins 'Best Cloud Product 2017 Netherlands' award

Industry experts (such as Hans Timmerman, CTO at DELL EMC and Richard Nijhoff, VP B2B Innovation at Liberty Global) made up the jury and judged the cloud solutions on scalability, simplicity of implementation, and customer savings, among other things.

The judges praised MochaDocs for the ease of use of the product and the proven scalability of its revenue model. "For us, it doesn't matter what industry you work in or how big your organization is," said founder Rob Postma, "as long as we can help you manage your contract." The software is currently used in 140 countries.


Best-in-Class 2017

Siftery, San Francisco - USA

Siftery reviewed MochaDocs for its broad applicability, among other things

Client distribution:

  • '8% companies with up to 10 employees?'
  • '25% companies with 10 to 50 employees?'
  • '35% companies with 50 to 250 employees?'
  • '14% companies with 250 to 1,000 employees?'
  • '18% companies with 1,000 employees and more?'

Short Listed Red Herring 2016

Red Herring, Amsterdam - Netherlands

MochaDocs was nominated for the Red Herring Top 100 on March 30, 2016.

Unfortunately, we were unable to compete for a podium spot during the third round.







BoS Award 2013

Business of Software, Boston - USA

In Boston, MochaDocs was named a new leader in their Industry.

MochaDocs was judged on the uniqueness of its business model, product creativity and go-to-market strategy.

Winner Best Cloud Start-Up Netherlands 2015

Eurocloud, Barcelona - Spain

MochaDocs won Holland's "Best Cloud Start-Up 2015" award on June 10, 2015.