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Ensure continuity of (all) your Cloud Software

Where software escrow arrangements are all about recording, safely storing, checking, updating and in exceptional cases delivering the source code, SaaS Escrow arrangements are very different. In Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, where the application and data are hosted by the SaaS provider, the focus is on the continuous use of the web application and securing access.
Escrow4all is innovative in all its fibers. Based on the needs of the end user, we have developed our unique SaaS Escrow arrangement. We have not hesitated to let go of the old habits of our industry and to set a new standard. Preserving the source code is no longer the primary starting point.






Why you need an Escrow arrangement for your Contract Management


How do you manage contracts in the cloud era?
A contract is not much more than a collection of agreements. You want to have a grip on compliance with those agreements. For example:

- Cancel before date x, otherwise the contract will be extended for period y
- Comply with condition y on date x, otherwise pay amount z 
- Intention x is discussed during evaluation moment y

That is why a (good) cloud solution for contract management sends the right person the right notification about an appointment at the right time.


Mock-up Why you need an Escrow arrangement for your contract management


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Escrow4all is a progressive escrow provider and also the only one in the Benelux with an ISO 27001 certification



Highlights of the Escrow regeling:


  • Continuity guarantee in the event of supplier bankruptcy
  • Included in all Enterprise Plans
  • Optional on the Team Subscriptions
  • Always access to user data


Always access to Mochadocs and all user data

mochadocs contract lifecycle management SaaS Service Model

SaaS Service Model

Although it is theoretically possible to rebuild the application quickly with a source code escrow, in practice this will not be easy because the know-how is lacking. Even a well-prepared migration takes a lot of time. And what about the availability of current user data? So it's not about the source code.

mochadocs contract lifecycle management Legal


Mochadocs solves user continuity through a unified SaaS Escrow agreement.

All agreements of the parties and their obligations and rights are expressed in a clear contract, executed by Escrow4All. This Escrow arrangement is closely related to the use of Mochadocs .

mochadocs contract lifecycle management Technical


In the event of a disaster, it is crucial that the components that are important for the maintenance of the infrastructure, access and future changes are secured.

These companies also protect their software and data

This enables them to continue making, signing and managing their contracts in any circumstance.

Intersnack Nederland 224 x 100
Group of Butchers 224 x 100
Doktersdienst Groningen 224 x 100
Delta 224 x 100
Timing Uitzendorganisatie 224 x 100
ZLM 224 x 100
Fattal Group EN 224 x 100
Gemeente Enschede 224 x 100
NMBRS 224 x 100
Summa College 224 x 100
Ximedes 224 x100
Pricewise 224 x 100
Stichting Viertaal 224 x 100
NorthC 224 x100
Group of Butchers 224 x 100
Vogels 224
Caldic 224 x 100
Schock EN 224 x100



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