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Contract Signing Subscriptions

Contract Authorising & Signing

All the tools you need to sign your contracts.



USD 25 275

/month /year

1 Full User

5 signatures per month


Simple Contract Signing software that is standard integrated with Contract Management. Support of the standard digital signature.

  • Standard digital signature support
  • Standard API
  • Standard kanban
  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • 10 signatures per month (package)
  • 1 Configurable Workflow
  • Guest Users (Contacts)

USD 50 550

/full user/month /full user/year

Start with  5 Full Users
5 configurable workflows


Are you looking for complete Contract Signing software, also for your internal authorizations? Then your Team subscription is a great basis to start with. Fast Return on Investment.

  • Advanced digital signature support
  • Authorized digital signature support (eIDAS)
  • Configurable Kanbans
  • Escrow optional
  • Live Kick-Off included
  • 5 Configurable Workflows
  • 50 signatures per month (package)
  • 50 Digital internal authorizations per month
  • Configurable Reports

USD 100 1100

/full user/month /full user/year

Start with 5 Full Users
25 configurable workflows


For if you are looking for comprehensive Enterprise Contract Signing software. With support for all types of digital signatures and configurable Sign-Off workflows

  • Entity Management (unlimited entities)
  • Escrow included
  • Extended API's
  • Live Kick-Off included
  • 50 signatures per month (package)
  • 100 digital internal authorizations per month

Free tools: Starter

Fast and user-friendly software for creating your contracts. Register up to 1,000,000 contract parties.

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All paid subscriptions include:



Common Features

  • Automated status monitoring
  • Unlimited storage
  • Collaboration with other users
  • Advanced search functions
  • Overview
  • 2 Factor Authentication



  • User Manuals Full Users
  • User Guides Guest Users (Contacts)
  • Tutorials
  • Technical Support


Cover sheet sign-off bundles

Contract Authorising & Signing

All the tools you need to authorize and sign your contracts.



USD 30 330

/10 cover sheet sign-offs/month /10 cover sheet sign-offs/year
  • A maximum of 2 sign-offs in a coversheet.
  • Maximum of 10 coversheets per month.

USD 20 220

/10 cover sheet sign-offs/month /120 cover sheet sign-offs/year
  • A maximum of 4 sign-offs in a coversheet.
  • A maximum of 20 coversheets per month.

USD 10 110

/10 cover sheet sign-offs/month /120 cover sheet sign-offs/year
  • Unlimited signoffs in a coversheet
  • Unlimited coversheets

List of functionalities

Learn more about subscription options, features, and limitations in the Product & Services catalog.

Product and Services Catalog


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mochadocs Free Tools Really Free?

Yes! This is not a free trail. Mochadocs free tools are 100% free - it's that simple. You can add 1,000,000 contracts, contacts, companies, unlimited free users and your free acces has no time limit. Please note that if you use Mochadocs free CLM tools with the Contract Creation Hub or Contract Management Hub, the contacts or contracts you add to you free CLM tools will end up in both places. This may impact the contact of the Contract Creation Hub or Contract Management Hub subscription bundle pricing.

What is a full user?

You can consider a full user as any person who has access to use the Mochadocs software and manage contracts with it. Depending on your Plan, a full user can create contracts, perform tasks and, for example, create and receive reports. In the Starter plan you always have an unlimited number of full users (Starter plan), and a minimum number of paid full users if you decide to upgrade you subscription to another plan (Basic, Team or Enterprise) of Contract Creation Hub, Contract Signing Hub or Contract Management Hub. In the Basic, Team or Enterprise Plan you determine the number of full users and possibly view users.

How many contracts can I upload to my free account?

You can add up to 1,000,000 contracts to your free Mochadocs account. Please note that if you use Mochadocs' free CLM tools with Signing Hub, the contacts you add to your free CLM tools will end up in all places, which may affect the price of your Contract Management Hub - subscription.

What type of support is available to users of Mochadocs Starter?

There are different types of online products that provide support for the Mochadocs CLM users. Mochadocs also offers support in multiple languages, including English, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, German, and Dutch.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SEPA and PayPal. We also accept payment via bank transfer for all our subscriptions.

Can I buy additional signature packages

On all paid subscriptions you can buy additional signature bundles (packages). If you have made an integration into a subscription with another supplier for your digital signature (for example Adobe or Docusign), the other supplier may incur costs.

 Please refer to our Product and Service Catalog for more detailed information on product packaging and applicable limits.


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