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Outsourcing the Contract Management Implementation

Implement MochaDocs by outsourcing the project to a team of professionals!

Outsource Implementation

Outsourcing enhances knowledge on your rights and obligations

Implementing MochaDocs is a simple task, but it could also be time-consuming. Outsourcing is an choice for various reasons. Outsourcing to the project the MochaDocs’ Virtual Implementation Team (VIT) is an option. Here are the following steps: 
  • MochaDocs will recruit the team members
  • The team will discuss and plan the start and delivery dates
  • The company gathers the contracts (and addendums)
  • The company scan contracts or it can be assisted by the team
  • MochaDocs will train the team
  • MochaDocs will read and review the contracts
  • MochaDocs will enter the contract key elements
  • MochaDocs will assign the contracts to appropriate owners

In estimating process time for a measure of 3 and 5 contracts. It was calculated that it takes about 12 to 20 minutes per contract to enter key element data. Over time, the time gradually decreases. 



The seven steps to succesfully implement Contract Management


Step 1 -


Build a Team


Step 2 - Done by the Company

MochaDocs Implementation - Take Inventory of Contracts

 Take Inventory of Contracts


Step 3 - Done by the Company

MochaDocs Implementation - Scan contracts

Scan Contracts


Step 4 - Done by the Company



Team Training by MochaDocs


Step 5 - Outsourced

Research Contract Key Elements

Research Contract Key Elements


Step 6 - Outsourced

Contract Key Data Element

Contract Key Data Element Entry


Step 7 - Outsourced

Assign Contract Owners

Assign Contract Owners




MochaDocs Virtual Implementation Roadmap


Huib van der Struik
Team Leader 
Virtual Implementation


"Managing a team that implements contracts requires a clear view on the ultimate goal. What should be managed by what type of contract, which would force the user to be proactive?"

With additional feedback, we support the steps in self-implementing contract management successfully. We gathered our experiences in partnering with Rabo Real Estate, TKF, OSG Erasmus and other clients here.

The advantages of the MochaDocs Team handling the implementation

  • Track contract types and deviations.
  • By applying past experience and knowledge, the specialists are able to obtain an understanding of a complete and working contract management system.
  • An established team is already in place.
  • Team requires no training.
  • Other than the collection contracts and its attachment, no additional resource is required.
  • Review and data entry by the MochaDocs Team.
  • MochaDoc provides progress data updated at least once a day
  • All contracts and attachments are scanned with the digital readable (OCR) quality, where possible




MochaDocs Implementation


Joey Jreij
Specialist Contract Management Implementation



MochaDocs Implementation

  • Start and delivery date will be agreed upon
  • MochaDocs assembles a team
  • You collect your contracts (and attachments)
  • You scan your contracts (preferably with OCR)
  • MochaDocs trains the Team
  • MochaDocs checks and reads the contracts
  • MochaDocs inputs the contracts
  • MochaDocs assigns the corresponding owner to the contract