Terms of Service

There are a few specific legal documents that are important to operate with MochaDocs – for us, our customers, our prospects and simple website visitors. To keep it as simple as possible we have gathered every document on this page. Underneath you can see which document is meant for whom. It is possible that documents are translated to a language other than English. If that is the case, the English publicized document on this page is still valid.

Master Agreement

MochaDocs Subscription

This Document, along with the order form, forms the base for your Subscription. If you want to be or already are a MochaDocs user, you should read the Master Agreement.






 Click here for the MochaDocs Master Agreement



Privacy Statement

Do´s and Don´ts

This document is every ones favorite. If you have ever filled in a form, or signed up for an eBook, a trial version or anything else, you should have noticed we got some of your information. If you are a user we have a lot of information about you. The privacy statement states what we can do with your data, but also what we do not do with it.




 Click here for the Privacy Statement



Reseller Master Agremeent

Tell The Reader More 

If you are a MochaDocs partner and participate in the Partner Program, you want to read this. You already have a partner agreement which matches with the Reseller Master Agreement. The conditions are based on our cooperation and your participation in the Partner Program. They include all important subject such as the conditions for commission.         


 Click here for the Reseller Master Agreement


Wizzard AVG (GDPR Step by Step)

Meet the AVG / GDPR step by step

With the GDPR Step by Step you ensure that you quickly comply with European Privacy Legislation.




MochaDocs_Agreement   Start AVG / GDPR step for STEP


Security Statement

Inseparable component of a MochaDocs Subscription


It states how the security is arranged concerning your data, but also that of every other user.




 Click here for the MochaDocs Security Statement



Consulting Services

Virtual support services

Required information if you want to make use of the Consulting Services of MochaDocs or its affiliated partners.




MochaDocs   Click here for the Consulting Services Agreement