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Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program Policies - Partner Level


These policy terms supplement the Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program Agreement (MSPPA) and are incorporated therein by reference. All participants must review, agree, and remain in compliance with the terms of these policies to be a Partner or Provider in the Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program.

Partner Level

Note: Capitalized terms used but not defined in these policies have the meanings set forth in the MSPPA. Mochadocs uses the terms Revenue Share and commissions interchangeably.

Partner Revenue Share

Current Partner Revenue Share is equal to twenty percent (20%) of Net Revenue (as defined in the MSPPA) paid to us by or on behalf of an End User for a Qualified Transaction.


Partner Revenue Share term 

Current partner level Revenue Share Term is equal to thirty-six (36) months from the time of the Qualified Transaction close, provided the End User remains a Mochadocs customer and so long as Net Revenue is received and recognized from the Qualified Transaction. (Said otherwise, they have not canceled their subscription, and they’re paying their bill).


Uptiering requirement

To maintain your benefits as a Partner, including Partner Revenue Share benefits, you must tier up to the gold tier within twenty-four (24) months of becoming a Partner in the Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program. Learn more about how tiers work here. If you do not meet this requirement within twenty-four (24) months, then during the next tier recalibration process, you will be given a six months notice of your impending downgrade or exit from the program, unless you tier back up to gold during this time. If you don’t tier up to gold at the end of the six month notice period, you will be given the choice to move to the provider level or exit the program. If you choose to become a Provider, any previously earned revenue share will be adjusted to the provider level terms (20% for twelve months from the original sold date). In situations where you may have already earned twelve (12) months worth of revenue share for any given Qualified Transaction by downgrade date, your revenue share for that transaction will terminate immediately. If you choose to exit the program and become a customer, revenue share will end immediately.



Paperwork requirement

To receive Revenue Share (commissions) you have earned when your registered domains/customers purchase Mochadocs, you must complete the appropriate paperwork.

  • If you are located in a region where your customer commissions may be subject to VAT/GST, you will need to submit a VAT/GST invoice every quarter to receive your commissions. To send an invoice,  fill out this form and select "Document Submission" as the Request Type.

Revenue share payments are paid out quarterly. If you do not provide the required paperwork in order for us to send payment to you within six months following the close of a Qualified Transaction, those revenue share payments will be forfeited. Please review Section 5 of the Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program Agreement (MSPPA) for more information on Revenue Share and Payment.

Once a Qualified Transaction is finalized (a shared deal or a registered domain closes), you become eligible for Partner Revenue Share. As outlined above, Partner Revenue Share is equal to 20% of the monthly recurring net revenue and is paid for up to three (3) years. 




Register your current and prospective client domains:

You need to register current or prospective client domains within your Partner Portal to be eligible for revenue share when you sell Mochadocs to that domain.

Domain registration is intended for your current and prospective clients only. Partners should only register domains that they have established a demonstrable business relationship with, and who they are actively approaching and engaging with in pursuit of a sale. 

Each accepted registration will expire six months (180 days) from the date the prospect was registered. If you are actively pursuing a prospect and the registration has expired, you may re-register the prospect manually for another ninety (90) days.

Your domain registration capacity is determined by your partnership tier level. Capacity levels are subject to change at Mochadocs discretion.


  • Elite: 175 domains
  • Diamond: 75 domains
  • Platinum: 25 domains
  • Gold: 15 domains
  • Partner (untiered): 10 domains

It is important that you maintain the appropriate capacity. You may be suspended or previously registered and accepted domains may no longer be eligible for revenue share if you are above your capacity limits. 

Partners can also use deal registration as another way to register domains. When a partner creates a shared deal through deal registration, the system automatically attempts to register the domain for that deal to the partner. If the domain is available, it will register the domain to the partner. If the domain is not available, the shared deal will still be created as a co-sold deal (if a Mochadocs direct sales rep owns the domain) or as a best partner wins deal (if another partner owns the domain).


Please note that rules around tier credit and commission eligibility do not change with deal registration and are still based on domain ownership. For relevant terms on registration and eligibility requirements, please also see “Section 4: Qualified Transactions” in the MSPPA.


It is important to familiarize yourself with all Mochadocs Solutions Partner Program Sales Rules (this includes detailed processes for how to pursue domains that are not eligible for registration).



Understand program entry requirements:

Partner Level: to become a Mochadocs Solutions Partner, you need to purchase at least one subscription to a Mochadocs Team Product (i.e. Contract Creation Team, Contract Signing Team, and Contract Management Team all count). In the event that your subscription with Mochadocs is no longer active, you will be removed from the program.

Why? We find that partners who use our software are also the most successful at selling their services tied to it. We want all of our partners to be set up for success, which is why we've made this a program requirement.


Familiarize yourself with the Mochadocs Event, Press and Branding Guidelines. You are able to promote your partnership through your certification or tier badge.  Please note that Mochadocs trademarked terms and guidelines for using these terms are located in the above guidelines. 



Training & certifications requirements 

We have a number of training and certifications available as part of the Solutions Partner program, located in Mochadocs Academy under Partner training.


In order to publish your profile in the Partner Directory you must pass a minimum of one Mochadocs Certification. 


In order to become a tiered Solution Partner you must pass and maintain the Partner Certification.

Certain trainings and certifications unlock additional opportunities under the program, such as the CRM Implementation Certification.



Stay up to date with the program

Visit the partner resource center located under the “Partner” drop-down in your Mochadocs portal to find resources.