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Case Study Contract Management: DirectPay

"I can find every contract within 20 seconds!"

Case Study DirectPay in Barendrecht: How can a rapidly growing firm spend the least amount of time searching for appointments? DirectPay dramatically decreases wasted time on finding contractual information using new software. Additionally, the number of useless renewals has dropped.


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About DirectPay

DirectPay is a full-service credit management agency. For more than ten years they have been a specialized partner in avoiding bad debt risks and the effective, efficient and reliable collection of outstanding invoices.


They provide assistance throughout your credit management process or just parts of it. So that you can move on.


20 seconds
needed for searching
contract and attachments
found immediatly

40.000 minutes
annually saved
Solely looking 
for contracts 

Return on Investment


“It was often a folder I wasn’t authorized for,” sighs Chief information Officer Marcel van Toer. He is, just like most of his colleagues, wasting a disproportionate amount of time looking for contractual appointments. 


And, on top of that, the firm regularly receives invoices of services they stopped using some time ago. Take for example domain names. It turns out to be rather difficult to keep track of the notice periods of every contract.


How can DirectPay gain control on their contract? And which solutions fit an organization with little time for an extensive implementation?


"Explainable in fifteen minutes’

slick knowledge transfer

How can DirectPay ensure the contract database stays up-to-date? “The contracts come in on paper. Next, you copy them into a searchable format so that the next time you need the contract, you do not need to read 80 pages to find a timeslot condition. Then you log in, name the new contract, categorize five or six elements, and attach a pdf. It is simple enough. You can explain it to someone in 15 minutes.“


And what about Van Toers his part? “I think I will be busy half a day transferring my knowledge, assuming that person has any affinity with IT.”


But, the CIO keeps emphasizing it, the technical aspect is not the most complex or critical: “I believe contract management is incredibly important as shown by the time and financial savings you can achieve. On that account, you need to make people genuinely responsible for the task. You need to print it into their minds; you are going to do it, period.”

Marcel van Toer

CIO DirectPay

Download the complete DirectPay case study.


Discover how Marcel van Toer uses MochaDocs to save his time and money. 

The case study is cleverly written, helpful and above all free of charge. Pages full of interesting, handy and practical contract management information.


Involved with this case study:

Marcel van Toer: CIO DirectPay

Bram van Montfoort: Interviewer

Joey Jreij: Graphics Design