‘We save at least tens of thousands annually’

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‘We save at least tens of thousands annually’

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Free Case Study: Uniserver

At Uniserver contractual information is spread over many different places. “ There was CRM software, situated on network cards, in the mail of people, in folders,” says Robert de Roos in hindsight. He is the Supplier & Asset Manager at Uniserver and is responsible for a large number of contracts. “We had a procedure for everything, yet things will always be forgotten,” de Roos continues, “this causes silent renewals. And a needless renewal on a data circuit is 25.000 dollars wasted. I also saw that certain expansions on our capacity discontinued at the wrong moment.”


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Uniserver decides to add active contracts with retroactive effect into MochaDocs. The challenge for De Roos: How can Uniserver get insight on hundreds of contracts?


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