Mission and Vision

MochaDocs was founded in 2013 as a result of a simple conclusion: People have radically changed the way they live, work, shop and purchase. However, the old ways of management remain, particularly the management of signed contracts. Based on this unparalleled progress, Rob Postma developed the vision for a new, easy and fast contract management experience using the MochaDocs platform.


With powerful, easy-to-use, automated and integrated sets of contract management functions, people can manage their relevant contract management components inside and outside their organization.

MochaDocs is on a mission to provide people in companies and organizations with a solution that allows them to manage all their contracts in an easy and intuitive way, from contract creation to the moment of expiration. This not only saves a lot of time and money, but also reduces the frustration and irritation of incomplete contracts, failure to locate contracts, failure to comply with agreements and keeping the end dates to a minimum.


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