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MochaDocs Support Ticket


The purpose of a support ticket is to understand and help with a problem as soon as possible. To do that we need a detailed description of the problem. Try to answer all of these questions:


  • What did you do before the problem occurred?

  • Have you experienced the same problem on a different computer?

  • What is the exact problem?

  • When did it occur for the first time?


Support Ticket Form

Definitie levels


Level 1 - Critical

Critical problem for all users: The system is unusable.


Level 2 - Urgent

Functionality is negatively affected or significant decrease of performance is experienced. Problem is lasting and affects many users. No solution is available.


Level 3 - High

Performance of the system or a bug that affects some users. A temporary solution is available, but not sustainable.


Level 4 - Medium

A bug in relation to a technical problem. Affects a small amount of users with a reasonable solution possible.