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Instructions Virtual Meeting


Instructions virtual live meeting

Check Blue Virtual Meeting Step 1. Agenda live web demo

A live demo meeting will have the following agenda:


  • Introduction attendees
  • Introduction MochaDocs Cloud for Contracts
  • Web demo
  • Q&A
  • Next Steps
  • End


Check Blue Virtual Meeting Step 2. Activation Virtual Meeting

Clcik here to access your scheduled meeting:


Connect to Join.Me

MochaDocs Virtual Meeting Room
Questions? Call MochaDocs at + 31 85 785 5100

Check Blue Virtual Meeting Stap 3. Conference Call Information


Conference call numbers for your meeting

 Make sure you have the right Conference ID


Additional Help:

Get access to the conference.

Call the right number from the list of countries. If necessary type in the PIN code followed by a hashtag (#). 

Multiple persons can join the conference using the same PIN code. 


Show Commands

Press * during the call to show Commands explanation.


Press *1 to mute and unmute the micropone.

Press *4 to lower the volume of the call.

Press *6 to increase the volume of the call.

Press *7 to lower your own volume.

Press *9 to increase your own volume.

Press *8 to enable/disable the menu.