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Case Study Contract Management: Bouwfonds Investments

“I saw that the business was impressed by the system." 

The Communication Infrastructure Fund (CIF) replaces a mediocre data system and manual control mechanisms with a smart contract management solution. It results in people spending less time on searching for data, and the business automatically receives notifications on relevant agreements. On top of that, contractual data storage is more secure than ever.


Case study CIF Operator

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About the Bouwfonds Communication Investment FundCIF is a leading investment fund in telecommunication infrastructures. They make long-term investments in European telecommunication infrastructure, under which radio towers, cable infrastructures, data centers and related assets. The fund is part of Bouwfonds Investment Management, a subsidiary of the Rabo Vastgoedgroep.



Data in a secure system

Configurable to your design
Contracts are everywhere


As an investment fund, we have to deal with much documentation. General Counsel Annette Gremmen can easily conjure up an extensive list containing everything from shareholder decisions up to property management contracts. How do you ensure that all agreements from those documents are followed up?


“The policy was to import everything into a data management system,” Gremmen explains. “Yet I got the impression that it didn’t happen for various reasons.” Instead, many agreements were scattered in directories and Outlook folders. Not the most secure option, since back-ups are usually preserved for a couple of days.


How can the Communication Infrastructure Fund organize efficient contract management, with secure storage, for acceptable costs?

“Contract Management is often a sideshow.".”

Looking for a specialist

The team looks at demo interfaces of the most leading providers. How user-friendly are they? Can you easily make reports? Can you decide what kind of notifications you receive at what moment? Does the software comply with the strict safety demands of Rabobank? How can you import old data to the new system? Is there also a workflow for signing a contract? Can it be used throughout Bouwfonds?


“I saw that the business was impressed by the system"

“I saw that the business was impressed by the system," Gremmen says. “It is highly intuitive and user-friendly. You can configure it completely to your design. The entire legal aspect, which seen in other contract management solutions, completely disappears in MochaDocs. The design makes it accessible for the business.”

Annette Gremmen

Annette Gremmen 

General Counsel Communication Infrastructure Fund
Download the complete Bouwfonds Investment Management case study.


Read how Annette Gremmen looks back at the quest for a new contract management solution and compares MochaDocs to a brand new iPhone.

The case study is cleverly written, helpful and above all free of charge. Pages full of interesting, handy and practical contract management information.

Betrokkenen bij deze casestudy:

Annette Gremmen: Legal Counsel

Bram van Montfoort: Interviewer

Joey Jreij: Graphics Design