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The MochaDocs Continuity Agreement









Keep using MochaDocs, whatever happens.

Essential conditions for the Cloud

Whenever a cloud service provider goes out of business, in suspension of payments is, or simply terminates a service, the customer wants certainty that he can keep access to the data and preferably to the application. At least until you find a reliable alternative.  


Hence it is vital to explore in which way the continuity of a service is arranged by the provider. It goes way beyond the sole security of data and data centers. This entire arrangement is an important factor before utilizing a new cloud solution. 


MochaDocs is a cloud provider, but it uses services of other cloud solutions too. One of our basic conditions before purchasing a cloud solution is that the supplier guarantees the continuity of their services. This is by the way not tied to the financial position of the supplier. For example, a completely healthy company can file for bankruptcy after a substantial insurance claim. MochaDocs has guaranteed its continuity in collaboration with Escrow4All.

Escrow4All is a full-service Dutch escrow provider for technological escrow solutions and supplies extensive arrangements for organizations such as ING, USG, RICOH,, ITON, Pon and ABN AMRO.


Due to the collaboration with Escrow4All, our protocols come into force in times of a possible bankruptcy. These state that our service is guaranteed for a predetermined period. At the start of a subscription every customer receives a certificate in which the continuation of the service is guaranteed. 


The continuity insurance is available for an additional 5% on top of the subscription fees. More information, contact MochaDocs.

Definition Escrow can be found on Wikipedia (

MochaDocs Cloud Escrow - Execution by Escrow4All

Escrow4All offers a continuity agreement for cloud solutions which focuses on continuous usage and protection of user data.  


Ingredients for the MochaDocs Continuity agreement (Escrow)


Every Escrow starts with an agreement. This forms the foundation of an escrow relation. Parties are informed precisely about what happens in unforeseen circumstances because of this. Important business - like duties and user conditions - are detailed crystal clear in all of our escrow contracts. Escrow4All supplies the MochaDocs customer a certificate at the same time the escrow agreement is activated.  


An escrow agreement exists only based on the quality of the text. Think about the readability, completeness, actuality and functionality of the escrow.


Escrow4all initiates all activities that are needed to keep the escrow agreement up-to-date. This includes: actively request and check new depots. Escrow4All ensures that arrangements are followed and the involved parties are informed.

ISO 27001 Accreditation

Escrow4all is the sole escrow provider in the Benelux with an ISO 27001 accreditation. The certification is not limited to a specific part, but it comprises the entire organization and every service it offers.



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