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Who and what is MochaDocs?

Mochadocs_avatar_border_blue-400x400.pngThe world around us is drastically changing. We are altering the way we live, work, eat, buy and communicate. In this age most things that we used to do physically can now be completely done digitally. What has kept Contract Management from making this leap? In most areas we make contracts, we print contracts, and eventually send them by post, courier or email to get them signed. Then we retrieve them by the same means, we print them, we copy them, we scan them and eventually put them in a physical or maybe even in a digital folder. Some innovating organizations register the end dates in an agenda or a spreadsheet. This is a seemingly safe way to eventually lose control over your contracts. Seemingly because the risks of the manual and intensive process are always lurking around. It can be done easier, faster, cheaper, but above all else, better. MochaDocs is on a mission to radically change the world with making, signing and managing contracts. We are an innovator, a 100 percent paperless organization, a trendsetter and completely operative in the cloud.


Every MochaDocs employee works to revolutionize contract management. We do everything to help companies gain control on the fascinating part of managing both the operation as the organization. We know and prove that managing contracts is not tedious or hard. On the contrary, it is super easy. And that is what we are trying to change with our powerful, easy and intuitive contract management software. 

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