MochaDocs Support Ticket


The purpose of a support ticket is to understand and correct any issues as quickly as possible. A thoroughly detailed description of the issue is extremely helpful. Please include details to your inquiry shown below:


  • Exact steps are taken before the issue occurred
  • Share if another PC has been used to try access MochaDocs and if the same issue also occurred
  • Note the details and timeline of the occurrence
  • Attach screenshots where possible


Create a Support Ticket

Definition levels


Stage 1 - Critical

Critical production problem for all users: the system is unavailable.


Stage 2 - Urgent

Significant reduction in primary functionality or performance. Permanent issue affecting multiple users. No reasonable solution available.


Stage 3 - High

System performance issue or bug for some but not all users. Short-term temporary solution available, but not scalable.


Stage 4 - Medium

Research relating to a routine technical problem; consequences for a small number of users. Reasonable solution available. Necessary to have a solution as soon as reasonably possible.