Data Security 

As a company in cloud computing business market, MochaDocs has years of experience in building and running datacenters that meet the most regulated security requirements. Our data centers are in accordance with the International Standards ISO 27001 and SOC 1. In addition to regular tests and simulations, MochaDocs works with leading experts in IT security. 



Multitenancy Contract Management by MochaDocs



Our multitenancy model (serving multiple customers with a single application) provides innovation to every customer. This model ensures that everyone benefits from the highest standards in the field of security. This means that small businesses benefit from a security architecture that meets the standards of our global listed customers. 


Gegevensbeveiliging MochaDocs

Worldwide Protection


MochaDocs runs in data centers that are optimized for security and performance. We offer the highest quality of professional security services by planning and executing uncontrolled events. To guarantee the safety of all data in unlikely catastrophically scenario’s, we ensure our datacenters have redundant capacity and all data is replicated multiple times. These security measures suffice with the strictest international guidelines concerning datacenters.

Data eigenaar MochaDocs

Data Back-up, Ownership and Recovery


The user is and will remain the sole owner of all data. Employees of MochaDocs have no access to the data of our customers (with the exception of Article 9 of the Privacy Statement - Customer Data). An advanced security system ensures a strict separation between the data of different companies.

Disaster Recovery
The entire MochaDocs platform is replicated every night (GMT+1) for the purpose of disaster recovery. This replication is stored in a physically separate data center identical to the production environment. These replicas are made solely for the purpose to recreate the servers in case of a calamity. Additionally, IASO is backed up 4 times a day. These backups will be stored for 30 days in a physically separate data center. The backups contain the website files and a dump of all databases.




Business Model


We work exclusively with corporate customers and have a transparent cost model in which customers pay us a periodic fee for our services. In addition, there are no hidden revenue models such as advertising income or data marketing. 


Iso 27001

MochaDocs works with industry leaders to protect sensitive data.


MochaDocs has control over every aspect of the security infrastructure through security experts, physical security of the data centers and prevention and monitoring systems. We meet the requirements of the most safety-conscious customers in the world, including governments and financial institutions. Our security policy is based on ISO 27001 standards and our data centers are ISO 27001 certified.


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