How can contracts with attachments be implemented in the organization?


How can contracts with attachments be implemented in the organization?

The Contract Management Implementation

Part 1: Contracts and Appendices

Implement dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contracts? Where are the contracts? Where are the contracts of colleagues? Which steps should be taken? What should be done with the documents in filing cabinets? How can dozens, hundreds or even thousands of contracts be implemented?


Contracts and Appendices

The different steps in the Contract Management Implementation Gather all contracts from all parts of the organization.

Consider filing cabinets, folders on servers, loading desks. Think of coworkers’ laptops, boxes in the archive room, in a safe, etc. Scan all documents and contracts using OCR techniques (Optical Character Recognition). The search content of your documents and contracts will be efficient and save time, money and avoid frustration). Ensure that all contracts and attachments are placed in one folder.

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Collecting contracts

Without available contracts there is nothing to manage, certainly no end dates of any lost contracts. As a starting point for the implementation of Contract Management Software it will be advisable to gather as many contracts as possible. Start with a department or division of the organization and retrieve all applicable contracts. Contracts could be stored anywhere. It may be likely that not all contracts would be found, but that is no reason for not managing the retrieved contracts.


Scanning contracts and attachments

When scanning the contracts and attachments, the future should be taken to account already. Ensure that both contracts and annexes will be digitally readable via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) at a later stage. With OCR, the text from an image is converted into editable text. And this editable text can then be searched. MochaDocs provides the possibility to search all contracts and attachments at once on a specific character set.

Arranging a contract and attachments for a structured implementation

An initial thought is to separate the different contracts from different contract parties separately into a folder. However, this is not recommended as contracts can occur with different parties. We have found it more convenient to place all contracts and attachments in one single directory. All documents are and will be opened for data entry to proceed smoothly.


The Implementation Team will start to "screen" the contracts for content. Our past experience with implementations revealed that work with new files were performed without checking first whether the contract has already been added to the database. This results in finding duplicate files if it is not stored in the same directory.


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