Extracting the Key Information from Contracts


Extracting the Key Information from Contracts

Contracts can reveal or shield information about the organization

Contract management helps to reveal it at the right time.

The strength of good management is having the correct data. Cleverly displaying information from all or selected contracts plays an important role in this. For example, different clauses can be compared, financial data can be consulted, but the status of certain tasks from certain contracts can also be put in a report. Improvement proposals made by and for stakeholders for the conclusion of a contract with each other could also easily be compared, so that the knowledge of one contract could play an added value in the other.

Request a free demo, discover the handy Contract Management software and find out exactly how MochaDocs will help in improving the organization!

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Request a free demo, discover the handy Contract Management Software

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Receive contract information

An essential part in managing contracts on content is to have the right information received at the right time. The most obvious medium for this is e-mail. Mail could be easily retrieved on different devices: Desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. In addition, it is not necessary to log onto MochaDocs in order to retrieve all necessary information. All information including the deadline (end date) is in the mailbox. If it is still necessary to log onto MochaDocs, simply clicking on the link generated especially for this activity will suffice. No need to search. 

email notification
Obtaining contract information

Obtaining contract information

Ad hoc and predefined reporting

It is important to have immediate access to the right data. MochaDocs is designed to collect data quickly and effectively and deliver it to the right individual at the right time. The way MochaDocs processes this has several advantages. For example, different tasks, topics and financial values of different contracts could be audited. It is possible to search by section for a single word, but also date-related reports could be created. Examples can be found below:

  • Which contracts are going to expire in the coming quarter?
  • Which tasks need to be completed before the end of the month?
  • Who is managing the contracts of a particular customer?
  • What is listed in the liability clauses of all customers from France?
  • How many tenders from 2017 are available?


Creating (and saving) accurate reporting, right across all available data is a simple task. Not only is it possible to gather information, but know how the information can be used. This method could lead to improvement measures in any desired area.



A large set of dashboards can be used. All dashboard data can be drilled down and lead directly to underlying information. It helps in direct access to the status of a particular task and content. But it also helps in the inspection of co-workers’ tasks.


Dashboard and reporting demo

Interested in what MochaDocs Reporting could mean for the organization? Please feel free to request a demo. Our MochaDocs Contract Management specialists will be happy to assist.

Visual Dashboard

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