Essential Basic Principles for Saving Contract Attachments


Essential Basic Principles for Saving Contract Attachments

Essential basic principles for saving contract attachments

It is quite clear that finding the correct contract attachments is not easy. A clever method of uploading and retrieving attachments is essential in successfully managing contracts. It is very important that no one wants to search for a lost contract or an attachment. It needs to be available immediately.

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Managing the storage of contract attachments

In addition to easy retrieval of the contract itself, there is a need for easy retrieval of the contract attachments. Here are some examples of attachments:  

• Termination letters

• Reports

• Certificates

• Offers

• Permissions (such as SEPA)

• Terms and Conditions

• Order form

• Examination

• Checklist

• Correspondence  


This is not a complete list of contract attachments, but it can be used in balancing MochaDocs. The listing above can be more elaborate depending on the organization. Contract supplements have an impact on the result of the organization as they are an inseparable part of the contract. Easy retrieval is therefore an important condition for the management of contracts. It is managing the annexes of contracts.


A shortcut to capturing all information quickly and easily

A contract can definitely be regarded as a snapshot. If the decision has been made to add all relevant contract information to the contract, it should include attachments. Think of information such as the current validity of contract attachments, the subject of which contract the appendix belongs to, the type of appendix it concerns, any specific characteristics, etc.

Retrieving the right contract attachment

Clever storage of attachments to the contract is essential for easy retrieval of that attachment, as well as the process to upload and save. In case of a set contract management hierarchy, authorization at MochaDocs is fully automated. There are no concerns on unauthorized viewers. The document process owner is assigned and the rest of the system is designed to operate automatically. Our professional team is ready to help in enhancing the knowledge of contract management.

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