How to manage a contract on end date?

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How to manage a contract on end date?

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Free eBook: How to manage a contract on end date?

We will not call names, but we know some organizations who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars simply because they forgot to cancel a lease. A timely mail to the responsible manager could have prevented a drama like this. Managing a contract on end date is important for the following reasons:

  • You want to know whether a contract is active
  • You can timely start renegotiating
  • You can cancel useless contracts on time
  • You can renew useful contracts on time

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Managing contracts is not hard. However, it is certainly vital to master the basics. Everything starts with managing a contract on the end date. Unfortunately, this essential task is something many organizations misunderstand. For this reason, we wrote an eBook that provides answers to the following questions:


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