‘Our workload decreased by seventy percent’

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‘Our workload decreased by seventy percent’

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Free Case Study: the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs centralizes the operational management of all Dutch embassies by establishing Regional Support Offices (RSO). An example is the lease of embassy personnel in Jakarta which is paid by the RSO in Kuala Lumpur. A copy of these agreements has to be sent by mail. It is often not even clear whether payments are made. Communications between embassies require much time. How can the RSO ensure they pay bills on time, and in the meantime notify the responsible person?

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Office Manager Linda Looise and two interns go on a quest to find a useable contract management tool. “There were two things we wanted to tackle: How can we ensure that the embassies are informed about the actions we take? And how can we ensure that every payment is paid on time?” They draw up a wish list for the software. The top 3 preferences are:


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