'Every contract can be found in 20 seconds'

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'Every contract can be found in 20 seconds'

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Free Case Study: DirectPay

“It was often a folder I wasn’t authorized for”, sighs Chief information Officer Marcel van Toer. He is, just like most of his colleagues, wasting a disproportionate amount of time looking for contractual appointments. And, on top of that, the firm regularly receives invoices of services they stopped using some time ago. For example domain names. It turns out to be rather difficult to keep track of the notice periods of every contract. How can DirectPay gain control on their contract? And which solutions fit an organization with little time for an extensive implementation?


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Managing contracts is not hard. However, it is certainly vital to master the basics. Everything starts with managing a contract on the end date. Unfortunately, this essential task is something many organizations misunderstand. For this reason, we wrote an eBook that provides answers to the following questions:


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